Haymaker Sports Drinks

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Haymaker Sports Drinks

Imagine a sports drink with all the fuel needed in a hydration beverage and none of the artificial filler. Inspired by the hydration methods used by generations of farmers, Haymaker Sports Drinks is out to give the traditional sports drink market a run for its money with a clean alternative. Haymaker Sports Drinks combines natural sources of electrolytes with the naturally occurring colors and antioxidants found in hibiscus, blue pea flowers and African rooibos—sans any fake ingredients. From the farm field to the playing field, it’s time to start hydrating the natural way.

What we Did

  • brand strategy

  • website design

  • website development

  • visual content

  • written content

The Problem

Haymaker Sports Drinks was in need of an e-commerce website to sell and showcase their brand new plant-based energy drink. Catchfire wanted to offer an easy and engaging way for customers to learn more and pre-order the product when it was first coming to market.


We developed a Shopify website with a modern and minimalistic aesthetic to highlight the four Haymaker Sports Drinks products: Gold, Red, Purple and a variety pack of all three. The website includes a simple payment option and a subscription platform, offering customers a purchasing method aimed towards subscribing to save.


When crafting custom photography and written content, highlighting the quality of ingredients in Haymaker Sports Drinks was at the forefront of our brand message. The website design and content reflect this message by making information and transparency on Haymaker Sports Drinks easily accessible from the homepage.