video production

Video has become an important part of storytelling for many of our clients. Video has the ability to connect with a broad audience, while being easily accessible across multiple platforms. As our culture continues to create and consume video in various contexts, video production becomes increasingly important to brands.

We are very involved in every stage of the video creation process – from ideas and strategy, to production and post-production, we work with our clients to create meaningful video pieces for TV, web, and other platforms.

case study: to-jo mushrooms

To-Jo Mushrooms was a multi-generational, family-owned business with a story to tell. Their website lacked the personality and creativity they brought to their partnerships. To-Jo partnered with CatchFire to create assets that would showcase their passion and commitment to quality.

big ideas

why catchfire is upping our project management game

We’ve been growing – and fast! In the past few months, we’ve added a few new faces to our team, as well as seeing our client base expand, all of which is exciting for our small-but-mighty team. Like any agency going through a growth spurt, we knew that we had to make some adjustments internally … Read More