Stop Sitting Down. Here’s Why:

Working at a full service creative agency, we sit down. A lot. Until recently, we accepted this as a way of life. Working in any professional field, it is common to spend most of the day sitting down at a desk. In a field like ours, where most of the work we do involves computers in some way, it’s hard to avoid. In fact, a study conducted in 2006 found that “the amount of time people spent sitting rose by 8 percent. (Between 1980-2000)” (Source:

On top of this, our time spent sitting outside of work is increasing too. In a study by the British Psychological Society, findings indicated that people who sit when they’re at work are more likely to do so when they’re at home. So what does this mean for our health? Take a look at this infographic by Medical Billing & Coding.

Now that’s some scary stuff. People have even gone as far as to say that “sitting is the new smoking!” And the scariest part is we can’t offset these effects by working out regularly outside of work. There’s even research now that suggests if you sit for prolonged periods of time, you’re more likely to be disabled later in life. So basically, sitting all day will eventually make you fat, depressed, diseased, disabled, and ultimately die sooner.

Ok, ok, so it’s bad for us. What should we do about it? Here at Catchfire, we’ve taken to standing at our desks, and taking “pushup breaks” throughout the workday. Maybe that won’t offset the effects of sitting completely – but it’s a good start. Here are some other things we could/should be doing:

1. Get up and move around! Not only will this help with your overall health, but it has been proven to boost creativity and get you through mental blocks. The general consensus seems to be that it’s best to get up and move around at least once every hour.

2. Stand up. Standing desks (or a pile of books under your computer to make it eye level) are a good solution to keep you active throughout the day. But standing has its issues too (including circulatory issues and vericose veins) so make sure you maintain a balance between the two. Fitness balls can also be a good solution.

3. Don’t take shortcuts. Tired of competing for parking in Portsmouth? Park further away and enjoy the nice walk! It can also improve your health. Win-win.

4. Pushup Breaks. Get up and drop for 20 with your crew. It’s a team building exercise too!

5. Deskercise! There are tons of ways to keep yourself active within a cubicle or desk environment. Take a dance break! Wiggle your toes!

How are you staying active during the workday? We want to know!

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