The New MySpace

It’s been almost a month since the New Myspace granted full public access to its website. Having already created a user account on the original Myspace, we thought we’d try out the new version.

When activating a new profile, if you attempt to create a username with a capital letter – you will be left disappointed. The new Myspace usernames consist of lowercase lettering only. Your username also has a 26 character limit and must contain at least one alphanumeric character (1, 2, 3 go!). One of the many different features about the new Myspace is that you have the option to join the social network with Facebook, Twitter or your Classic Myspace.

After activating your account, you are then taken to the “Profile role” page, where Myspace welcomes you and tells you to select which options you identify with most. Listed below are the options you may choose from (select all that apply). Note: Myspace plans unique apps for each account type you choose.

After selecting the choices that best fit your identity, it takes you to another welcome page (step 2 of 2) to create your profile. “Tell us about yourself” in 150 characters, change photo, and adjust privacy settings of your profile – public or restricted.

After completing the second step, the website then takes you to your Myspace page.

With pop star Justin Timberlake as one of its principal financial backers [of a group that purchased Myspace from News Corp back in 2011] really shapes the content of the website; as you can see, Myspace’s redesign appears to be similar to other networking sites – particularly ones that offer music recommendation services (Grooveshark, Spotify,, Rdio, etc.).

But what sets this networking site apart from the others – is its scroll and search options. Users can scroll through posts horizontally, rather than the vertical scroll format used by other social networks (see screen shot of personal stream below).

And when it comes to the search option, the New Myspace’s search bar is HUGE! And by huge – we’re not just talking results, but its actual appearance on the page.

Now we know we have the option to scroll and search songs, videos, artists, etc. – but if you notice in the image above, the people category is listed as one of the last results. And the people listed are not people you may know personally; they’re either celebrities and/or music artists. Wait a sec – we thought Myspace was a place for friends? The original aka “Classic” Myspace might’ve been that place, but the New Myspace wants you to connect to people and content that inspires you. If you’re looking for another social networking venue to connect with friends, the new Myspace isn’t going to be your top pick. This is more likely one of the reasons why Myspace appeared in the following INFOGRAPHIC last week.

But hey, look on the bright side – you’re able to listen to music, search content and people that inspire you in a Pinterest-like format; the artists and mixes as your boards and pins. 🙂


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