Looking for a new way to reach younger demographics and share your messages with the world? Here are 10 reasons Tumblr is the best place for you to start blogging:

1. Tumblr has a unique, worldwide audience. Tumblr is available in 12 languages, and according to Quantcast, the primary audience is 18-34 year olds, with millions of unique visitors every day.

2. Tumblr gives you a chance to interact with your audience. Traditional messaging, along with “love” and “reblog” functions allow users to interact with your content, and with the person behind the blog.

3. Posts are easy to share. Each post you make is easily shared on other social media platforms, or by email. Other users can share your content as well, making it accessible to an even wider variety of people. Using Tumblr in conjunction with other social media platforms can reinforce your brand and offer greater visibility. Image posts can be linked to other sites, allowing users to link back to your full website and learn more.

4. Posts continue to get buzz long after they’re released. According to a recent study released by Simply Measured, “On average, 29% of reblogs on Tumblr happen AFTER 30 days.” Tumblr content stays active longer than content on other social networks, like Twitter and Facebook.

5. Tumblr is interactive. Animated GIF  files make content more engaging and fun to look at. Also, tags and “featured tags” can up the visibility of posts, putting content on the radar of people who might not have looked at it otherwise.

6. Tumblr users are devoted. The average Tumblr user spends 18 minutes or more each time they log on to the site. That’s more than Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

7. Success stories. Other brands that have embraced Tumblr have experienced tremendous success. Fashion brands have been very well received, such as Glamour and Calvin Klein, posting original content that enforces their branding and directs viewers back to their full site.

8. Custom designs. The Tumblr blog format allows you to design your own page theme, or choose from a number of free or paid themes. It is very easy to set up a blog and get started.

9. Mobile Friendly. Tumblr can be viewed on both PC and mobile, and you can also easily post from a mobile smart phone.

10. It’s a chance to be creative. Tumblr is a place where creativity, quirkiness and humor are embraced. If you’ve ever wanted to do something crazy, like promote your brand with a series of ads featuring kittens climbing into boxes, this is the place for you.  (Seriously though, http://catsdoingsillythings.tumblr.com/)

So what are you waiting for? Get Tumbling!

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