Decas Farms

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Agency of Record

What started as three immigrant brothers selling local produce out of a fruit cart in 1934 has grown into a family business that’s now three generations and nine decades strong. Decas Farms, originally Paradise Meadow, the retail arm of Decas Cranberry Products, Inc., now sells over 60 million pounds of cranberries to 35 countries around the world.

What We Did

  • brand strategy

  • web design

  • web development

  • shopify e-commerce

  • graphic design

  • inbound marketing

  • visual content

  • omni-channel sales

The Problem

Paradise Meadows, now Decas Farms, enjoyed a strong retail presence and exceptional relationships with growers and commercial partners, but needed a new website designed to be intuitive and easily navigated by retail consumers as they transitioned brands. In order to attract digital native Millennials to the new site, the brand also needed a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that included social media, email newsletters, content marketing and original visual content.

Decas Farms

We performed an exhaustive market analysis to understand Paradise Meadow’s competition and the retail environment with the Decas Farms future brand transition in mind. Buyer personas, brand architecture and brand positioning were developed as a foundation for all subsequent efforts.

Decas Farms

For Decas Farms, we designed and developed a responsive Shopify website with a modern, casual and inviting aesthetic, building in room for lifestyle blog posts, recipes and regularly updated content.

Decas Farms

Tackling the Decas Corporate website was our next task, making a functional, easily editable WordPress website that speaks to consumers and business’ alike. This site is a resource for Decas specific growers and business based buyers, with custom functionality built to display product details clearly while providing access to necessary documents specific to the industry.

Decas Farms

In order to make the site clean and modern without it feeling sterile, we created a modern handmade aesthetic through the use of color, font and engaging graphic elements.

whole fresh cranberries rolled in sugar piled on a white plate
kale salad on white plate with cranberries, cheese, and a page of paradise meadow organic cranberries

Starting from a nearly blank slate, we drafted a content strategy based upon the brand strategy and buyer personas. Goal-oriented content was created for social media, email newsletters, blog posts, recipes and lifestyle content.

energy bites, granola bar, trail mix with cranberries, white chocolate chips, and pistachios on a platter

Based on our content strategy, a mood board for original photography was created to define the aesthetic of Decas Farms’s social media feeds, including lifestyle photography, GIFs, animations and video.

Decas Farms

We advocate for clients to own their presence across all sales channels, so in coordination with Decas Farms’s retail presence and newly launched Shopify e-commerce site, we crafted a strategy for Amazon and deployed goal-specific ads on the platform.