3D Printing: A Whole New World

The industry is buzzing with talk of 3D Printing — its capabilities seem to be endless, as designers and inventors work together to create new products that push the boundaries of technology. Just yesterday, CNET published an article about a 3D printed skeleton that allowed a woman to walk again after being paralyzed since 1992. There is even talk about being able to print human hearts and other vital organs within the next decade!

On a smaller scale, 3D printers can print PIZZA IN SPACE! NASA is working with 3D printers to develop ways to print food and other objects that might be helpful in their space expeditions. (We definitely want to try some 3D space pizza.)

So why is this important for creative agencies and businesses as a whole? Consider this: Market research indicates that 60% of purchases made in supermarkets are impulse buys, and that ⅓ of merchandise on shelves is “completely ignored.” That said, a strong packaging system is important to get your products noticed and picked up in stores. This is true in virtually all product markets, including online.

A strong packaging system that communicates the ideals of a brand and remains visually appetizing can set a product apart from the rest. 3D printing is revolutionizing the way we think about packaging, and product design itself. With a 3D printer, we can reimagine packaging for products that may not even exist yet. 3D printing can be a cost-effective solution for prototyping and testing out various packaging designs before moving into the final stages of production, and designers can push their imaginations to the limit coming up with creative ways to approach new designs.

But the most important reason you should care about 3D printing is this: It’s wicked awesome.

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