Doing it Right: Life is Good

If you’ve been to Hallmark lately, you may have noticed a new collection of cards and paper products from the brand “Life is Good.” That’s especially exciting for those of us who live near Boston, where the iconic brand was created in 1989 by Bert and John Jacobs, and have seen the simple, optimistic designs spread across New England. The brand spreads messages of joy and positivity through simplistic, impactful design.

With a catchy brand name/slogan and an accessible organic illustrative style, the collection takes Life is Good beyond t-shirts and accessories and makes it a brand that can share in life’s most valued moments, while encouraging relaxation, wanderlust, and finding joy in the little things. Plus, the line of greeting cards uses different kinds of quality paper and printing techniques to make their cards unique and engaging. The combination of quality and good design makes for a line of cards that represent the brand and its mantra in a fun and simple way that will appeal to even the pickiest of card buyers!


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