Facebook Turns 10

Facebook turns 10 today – do you remember 2004? When Myspace was the largest social network (taking over Friendster), the site you would check on a daily basis? Or, if not quite as often, it was the one you most frequented? Do you recall when Facebook, originally “the facebook”, was founded and for Harvard University students only? How about when it began to expand to colleges and universities around the country? Following with high school and workplace networks? Check out this social network’s developing 10-year timeline.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, now 29 years of age, posted about the ten year anniversary to his timeline early this morning. In addition to his statement and the above-mentioned network’s timeline, Mark and company created a product called “A Look Back”, which produces a personal movie/slideshow of a user’s favorite moments from when the person joined Facebook. Click here to see your Look Back. Facebook also launched a sleek new iPhone app named Paper – which appeared in the App Store on Monday. And if you go to Facebook’s page, you’ll see this really cool video they put together: Turning 10, Thanks to You. A reflection on turning 10.

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