Frictionless Buying

There is a clear psychological element in consumerism that causes brands to either stand out or fade into the background. The ones that stand out are perfectly positioned in a way that aligns with consumer expectations, creating frictionless buying by engaged consumers. When a brand isn’t positioned well and is seeing declining market share, shrinking margins and lower revenue, it needs repositioning to own or build a place in the market, possibly spearheading a new category.

You either need to lead your category or create a new category by how you position your business and products. Consumers are savvy and embrace authenticity in a brand’s DNA. An authentic and frictionless market position is something that can be felt at the point of purchase or any experience along the customer journey.

We all know classic examples of this, from Apple to Tesla—even Starbucks. These brands connect emotionally to their audiences and elevate their brand equity in the process. Through our work with Dr. Elsey’s, we’ve helped create one of the fastest-growing pet brands in the industry by focusing on its core values and unique positioning.

If you’re not changing behavior in a way that is going to help your brand, improving and elevating its perception, everything you do becomes an inefficient process at the end of the day.

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