It’s Devine

Vine, Twitter’s three month old app, is said to be a mix between YouTube and Instagram. Vine users are #twitterpated about the six-second looping video recorder (pun may or may not have been intended). Several industries – let’s take the fashion industry for example, see the app as a marketable tool before, during and after events. What exactly makes this app marketable?

Digital designer Rosanna Falconer refers to the idea of Vine as “Cinéma vérité,” a French term for true to life documentary filmmaking. Falconer loves how it [Vine] is such raw footage and rather than being a final polished campaign image, it is about what is going on right now – live from backstage. It is all about being up-close and personal with your brand. Giving the followers what they want: better-than-ever access with real, up-close quality footage. You’re seeing the material as-is, and you’re able to see the actual detail and how it is displayed as if you were looking at it in person.

This is an app that opens up a new world to creativity – all in about six seconds. As Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman puts it, “Posts on Vine are about abbreviation – the shortened form of something larger.” Hoffman believes that the constraint inspires creativity.

Vine is a marketable tool because it allows you to go beyond that still image from Instagram. It creates an action for a brand – time lapses, stop-motion videos, food prep and more. Above all, it gives companies enough time to share a quick marketing message. How would you apply this app to your business? Here’s how we’ve incorporated Vine into our daily lives at the creative agency:

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