Social Medi(a)eval Times

The Seacoast Social Media Round Table event was held at the Sheraton in Portsmouth, NH and was hosted by the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce and Seacoast Social Media. It was a fun, informative evening of speed networking – social media style. The business attendees would switch social media tables and were able to meet and fire away social media questions to Seacoast Social Media experts from local creative agencies and other Seacoast businesses. Each table represented a social media network along with an associate from Seacoast Social Media.

My experience at the round table, focusing on how one can use Foursquare for business, was quite invigorating. The people were extremely attentive and engaging; interested in learning more about the subject I was presenting, I found myself being challenged by a number of individuals almost every time a new group approached my table. I witnessed a pattern that evening, being asked, “How does this apply to my company?” and “What if I don’t have any specials, what else can I do with the app?” The people at the Seacoast Social Media Round Table event were from various industries – which made for compelling discussion.

I was thoroughly impressed with my Seacoast Social Media crew for presenting these intricate topics in such short periods of time (15 mins per session). And to top it off, some of my Catchfire teammates attended in support of my presentation on Foursquare for Business. I am very thankful for these individuals. They not only came in support of me, but also for my Seacoast Social Media colleagues. They were really impressed with the event and informed me that they received valuable information from each table visited. I hope other businesses experienced the same that evening.

I’d also like to note the collaboration witnessed before and during the event, among members of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce and the Portsmouth Sheraton, was genuinely pleasant. Seacoast Social Media Round Table was a delightful occasion mixed with business, learning and bonding. I look forward to working with these business entities in the near future.


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