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Remember the days when corporate websites were the only way to learn more and connect with a company? While having one-stop shops was convenient, marketers and brands faced tremendous pressure to effectively blend education, e-commerce and personality all in one place. The result—confusion, lack of engagement and user experiences falling short of expectations.

With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN brand’s now have plenty “personality outlets” to choose from. In many cases, consumers rely on social networking to be their primary touch-point with a brand or service. So, what is left for the website to do?

1.)Present a simple and easy purchase experience.

2.)Include social media and be careful about unnecessary ‘integration’

3.)Make life easier.

Who’s owning it? Domino’s Pizza.

The facts:

Facebook: 2,758,678 fans

Twitter: 31,299 followers

Website: 4.2 million/month

Dominos has built a strong community by extending news, updates and deals to their customers. And personality? They’ve got that too.

So what about ? Take a look around the site. You will notice that it is very product and purchase centric. Dominos has ultimately turned their website into a purchase portal/online restaurant. Even their navigation supports the purchase process and leads people to action with the following options—order, menu, coupons, locations and tracking.

You will also notice that Dominos is not wasting time trying to pull social media into their website. As mentioned in point two above, consumer brands should be careful about the integration of social media as it is not always needed depending on their level of success. For Dominos, they treat Facebook and Twitter as stand-alone communities and keep a nice degree of separation between them and their website.

Will simplistic and product/purchase focused websites like Domino’s be the new trend for consumer brands using social media? Time will tell but I believe they are on to something! Now where’s that 5,5,5 deal!


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