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In spirit of the Olympics, the Pappas Group put together an infographic showing the robust change social media have had on the games since 2008. It’s no secret that social media have changed the way people do business and how businesses interact with consumers, but even the Olympics have become highly influenced by social networks.

In the past four years, social media have grown 100 times bigger since the summer games in 2008. YouTube alone has 4 billion views per day, whereas in 2008 it was a measly 133 million. What about Twitter users? In 2008 Twitter users clocked in at around 6 million and currently that number has risen to 500 million.

The top 3 companies sponsoring the Olympics are Visa, P&G and Coca-Cola, and they too have their own social media agendas. P&G hopes to increase their Facebook fan base by 5 million by the end of the Olympics through campaigns and CTA’s (call-to-action’s).

The social impact that these brands will have is unknown. What we do know is that brands are beefing up their brand exposure through the use of social media during the summer Olympics. The growth is staggering and shows the importance social media have on a business, their whereabouts in an industry and the contact a business has with its consumers.

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