Why Content Marketing is Just Like Sriracha

1. Sriracha is Spicy. Your Content Marketing should be too! Good Content Marketing will make your consumer remember you, and want to come back for more. Keeping content relevant and interesting will help your brand stand out above others.

What makes your brand memorable? What kind of impact do you want to have on your customers?

2. Sriracha is Unique. The hot sauce was invented by Huy Fong Foods, and it has grown a fandom that extends to iPhone cases, and internet memes, and many competitors have tried to recreate the famous rooster brand, even packaging it to look identical. Effective Content Marketing is unique to the audience you are targeting – but it should also be informative. Instead of ruthlessly promoting your brand, post content your consumers will be interested in, and brand loyalty will follow. Imitators may try to thwart your efforts, but if you stay on your game and continue to find and share content that matters, you’ll come out on top.

What is your audience interested in? How can you do more to relate your content to their interests and needs?

3. They make a LOT of Sriracha every day. According to ThrillList, “The assembly line cranks out 3000 bottles an hour, 24hrs a day, six days a week.” To create an effective Content Marketing strategy, you should be delivering effective, informative content frequently. However, there is a fine line between a good consistency of posting and spam. You do NOT want to cross it. Just like you don’t want to use too much Sriracha and risk puking your brains out, like this guy after he ate THREE POUNDS of it:

What type of posting schedule would work for your brand? What prime hours of the day are your consumers active?

4. People want Sriracha. A lot. After the Sriracha factory was shut down, people went NUTS stocking up on the hot sauce. One eBay user even put a packet of Sriracha up and tried to sell it for $10,000. (At Catchfire, we bought 6 bottles to make sure we survived the Srirachapocalypse) If you have a good Content Marketing Strategy, your consumer will want more! And the more they want your content, the better your relationship with your audience will become.

How can you improve your relationship with your target audience? What makes your brand more desirable than others? What does your audience want/need to know about your industry?

5. And they SHOULD want it. Sriracha has medical benefits, like making you happier and skinnier! (At least according to this article and this infographic and lots of other places on the internet) Content Marketing makes your consumers happier and smarter if done correctly, and it makes your brand happier and healthier too! Yum!

What content can you offer that enriches the lives of your consumer base?

Think your brand could benefit from a spicy Content Marketing Strategy? Contact Catchfire Creative today to learn more!

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