Catchfire Owner Featured on Digital Marketing Podcast

On a recent episode of Jason Swenk’s podcast Smart Agency Master Class, Catchfire owner Drew Schulthess discusses growing an agency beyond 6-figures and knowing when it’s time to add to the agency team.

A mastermind of digital marketing, Jason Swenk has cultivated an online playbook to coach leaders within the advertising and marketing industries on growth and client strategies. Currently hosting two podcasts, Swenk shares the strategies and stories of real agency owners on what is working in marketing today, and how they achieved their success within the industry.

Catchfire has been working in the CPG and lifestyle brand space since 2011, with Drew Schulthess guiding the agency successfully past the million-mark and beyond in revenue. He recently sat down with Swenk to discuss the steps taken towards this business benchmark and the importance of knowing the right time to grow your team.

Listen to the episode “How to Quickly Grow Your Agency Beyond 6-Figures” now!

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