Letterpress printing is a process by which raised metal plates are used to imprint type and images onto a page. The process itself has been around since the 1400s, originating as a modification of the Gutenberg Press. Letterpress remained the primary technique for printing until the invention of Lithography in 1798.

In recent years, Letterpress has experienced a revival in popularity within the field of design. While traditional letterpresses are being used to print elegant wedding invitations and business cards, other techniques are being implemented to mimic the technique at a lower cost. There are multiple tutorials online that demonstrate how to give digital typography the embossed Letterpress feel without the hassles of printing on an actual press. Some people have also come up with ways to use craft embossing machines and die-cutters to imitate the bite of a traditional letterpress.

These imitations are making their way into print, web, and advertising design, giving new designs a touch of elegance and a traditional twist. Letterpress is a unique process, and a great way to give a brand a unique and sophisticated identity.

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