Why Copywriting Matters in Content Marketing

Construction of your brand’s website is nearly complete. You’ve added compelling images, top-notch navigation and customized design. Now, all that’s left is to fill the pages with information about the purpose behind your products. While web development and design might seem most vital for a successful launch, the copy across your website and social channels communicates to potential customers what your brand is all about.

Copywriting utilizes written content for marketing purposes by creating a meaningful dialogue for potential customers to listen and learn from for increased conversions. While the task might seem easy, successful execution of this strategy requires a professional trained on how to write correctly and consistently to capture and keep your intended audience’s attention. From increasing search engine optimization to prompting conversions, professionally written content is a critical marketing component for e-commerce brands.

Beyond the use of correct grammar, the purpose of copywriting is to create connections while stepping inside the audience’s mind. A good copywriter can take on a brand’s persona and write in a tone and format that will relate to the audience they’re addressing. By having your content professionally written and edited, you’re ensuring it’s in line with your brand’s voice and presence before being presented to the digital world.

Quality content that speaks to your brand’s values allows potential customers to better understand what sets your products and services apart from competitors. Showcasing expertise through content marketing helps build trust while establishing a positive reputation in the consumer mind. According to the Content Marketing Institute, after reading blog recommendations, 61% of online consumers in the U.S. then decided to make a purchase. By utilizing webpages and social captions as a place to nurture product research, brands can provide consumers with the information needed to make an educated purchase.

Before you can reap the rewards of written content, you need to ensure your information is received. Copywriting with SEO in mind boosts your brand’s search engine rankings by increasing the number and variety of keywords on your site. Although, the inclusion of SEO requires more than just the addition of keywords onto a webpage. They need to flow naturally within the rhythm of the brand’s voice to feel authentic. According to Tech Client, content creation is the most effective SEO technique. Websites that post consistent blog content have on average of 434% more pages indexed by search engines than those who don’t publish at all.

Increasing the amount of quality content through the inclusion of a blog means more pages search engines have to index and show users within their search engine results. Blogging not only increases inbound traffic for your brand but also provides a level of expertise that draws customers into the story behind the brand and create a bond that drives interest and conversions. If you’re uncertain what constitutes an informative post, Google’s own search quality evaluator guidelines explain that high levels of expertise, authority and trustworthiness are what they regard as quality content.

Slick graphics aside, good content is what will set your brand apart in the eye of your audience. Whether your brand’s voice aims to educate or entertain, the inclusion of a copywriter can ensure your brand’s voice stays true to tone without the risk of sounding out of character. As digital marketing’s importance only grows, brands must equip themselves with every tool and team member needed to succeed.

Investing in professional content writing is one of the most important ways to ensure an advantage over your competitors while appealing to your intended audience. Interested in elevating the allure of your brand’s voice? We’re here to guide you on how to thrive online with informative and engaging content.

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